Design&Interior Architecture

About Us

We are impressive Design Studio located in Sibiu, Romania. The Company strength is based on its exceptional design ideas.

Concepts and Brainstorming

Translating strategy into a compelling conceptual vision. Using prototyping and storytelling to shape concepts and test ideas. Uncovering and clarifying user needs.

Research & Development

We help our clients envision the future. To do this, we use the principles of design thinking to uncover, articulate and refine product, service and business opportunities. Our team of …

Sketching & Drafting

Translating concepts into reality. Detailing of systems, components and processes. Iterative prototyping for thorough testing, refinement and reduction of risk.

Execution & Digitalisation

Planning and executing the smooth transition into the marketplace. Tailoring the design to suppliers’ capabilities. Transferring documentation and evaluating, monitoring and troubleshooting, as needed.

Here’s few Famous clients we’ve worked with so far

*as a result of the efforts from both beneficiaries and Andustudio company amazing projects have resulted that have produced a touch of elegance and refinement where they were created.