Hotel Rheya Mamaia

Time frame: 2021 – 2023Area: 7500 sqmInvestment value: € 10 million

Hotel Tresor Le Palais

Time frame: 2017 – 2019Area: 2500 sqmInvestment value: € 1.5 million The refinement of the 31th accommodation spaces modernly decorated with the best quality materialsmake up the Tresor complex, a special location, an expression of absolute luxury, making it a 5-star story.

Hotel Olanesti

Time frame: 2016 – 2018Area: 10000 sqmInvestment value: € 2 million

Hotel Carolin Calimanesti

Time frame: 2019 – 2022Area: sqmInvestment value: € 1.5 million The elegance of the Carolin Hotel as the name suggests is inspired by the style of the years that marked the Art Deco period, which by definition translates into luxury, glamor, exuberance, combining modern styles with fine and rich materials thus creating a portal through […]